Wait List

A Place To Grow offers approximately 49 spaces for children ages 6 months to 5 years. All permanent staff are certified Early Childhood Educators licensed to practice by the Province of British Columbia.  At A Place To Grow we meet licensing requirements and strive to exceed the requirements where ever possible. Licensed, quality child care programs in Surrey and throughout  Greater Vancouver have long wait lists, A Place To Grow Child Care Centre is no exception, many people apply to our waiting list months or a year in advance. 

The demand for care in all of our programs is high. The length of the wait list varies. The under 3 year old programs have the longest wait times. Our over 3’s age program frequently has spaces available from July to September each year. There are exceptions and the wait time is affected by the number of spaces available, families who receive priority enrollment and by the time of year you are hoping for care. Many people send in their wait list applications when they first conceive. Applications are not accepted prior to conception. Application does not guarantee a space. 

Enrollment Priority:


Each time a childcare space is allocated, the following order of registration priority shall be implemented:

1.   Siblings of children currently registered at APTG, by entry date on wait list & desired date of childcare service.
2.    APTG returning families, by entry date on wait list & desired
       date of childcare service.
3.  Fraser Health employees, by entry date on wait list & desired date of childcare service.
4.   Foundation employees, by entry date on wait list & desired date of childcare service.
5.    FVCC employees, by entry date on wait list & desired date of childcare service.
6.    Community, by entry date on wait list & desired date of childcare service.
Should a family reapply for care after having voluntarily removed their child from care (or a wait list), the date of re-application shall be used in establishing registration priority within their category.

Note: It is the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s) to inform administration of any change in registration priority status.


To apply to A Place to Grow's wait list, please forward your information via email to kelly.mccarthy@fraserhealth.ca  or call our WAIT LIST Voicemail at 604-585-5691, please note this mailbox is only cleared approximately once a week.


Required Information:

  • email address where you can be reached
  • desired admission date 
  • state whether you are an FHA employee or any other priority as listed above. If you are a FHA employee provide your employee number for verification
  • parent/guardian first and last name
  • additional parent/guardian first and last name
  • child’s first and last name
  • child’s date of birth or expected due date
  • home phone number
  • cellular phone number(s)
  • work phone number(s)
  • full time or part time care required
  • specify if your child has been referred to, or is receiving services from the Infant Development (IDP) or Supported Child Development (SCD) Programs
  • where did you learn/hear about A Place To Grow? (ie. colleague, FHA newsletter, newspaper, website, community event, ???)  

You will receive a confirmation email when we have received your wait list request and have placed you on our wait list.