A Few of the Nice Things Our Families Have to Say About Us ......



A Place to Grow Staff,

We want to thank you for all your caring & compassion over the past 7 years. What a blessing to have our kids in such a loving environment. you have no idea what peace of mind you gave Rob and myself. We never worried about our kids in your care. That is such a gift. Now we begin a new chapter in our lives. It will be so strange to leave this family behind. Always remember how special a role you play in each child's life. You will always be part of our family history. Thank you.

Lesley & Rob 



To All of the Staff of A Place to Grow,

We just want you all to know that we are sincerely grateful for the quality & loving care you have provided to our two girls. You have all been a big part of our lives over the last few years & we are going to miss you. Both Amelia & Olivia have really enjoyed their time at APTG & we thank you for helping to make it a fun, happy, memorable experience for them. You are all amazing at what you do & we feel so blessed to have had such excellent childcare for our girls. Thanks so much for everything.

Love Bonnie, Mike, Amelia & Olivia 


To All the Amazing Teachers at A Place to Grow,

Shreya has transitioned so well and smoothly into the Preschool room, just because of your love, care and confidence in her. Really appreciate your kindness and identifying her potential, which I would have never seen. It's been such a smooth ride, I just can't believe it. THANK YOU Sooo.... MUCH!!  You are all part of our family here and Shreya loves you all so much. Special THANK YOU to the Toddler room teachers for the memorable book & wishes, which she will treasure forever  :)

Shefali, Rashesh & Shreya


To All the Amazing Staff at A Place to Grow,

How do you say thank you when people love, support and encourage your kid to be the best little boy he can be? I'm not quite sure how to capture the sentiment-I'm sure this card just isn't big enough for me to express it! You have supported Kirk and I as first time parents, you have nurtured Jackson, and you have shared the most precious part of our lives. You have been patient, kind and caring;  you have shared laughs and frustrations-there are not many in our lives that have done that the way you all have. Thank you!

Kirk, Krista & Jackson


To: A Place to Grow Staff,

As a parent, sometimes it is difficult to leave your pride and joys in the hands of someone else. When those hands are loving and helpful towards your children it is so much easier to know that your children are happy and enjoying their time away from you. Shya and Owen love attending preschool! Thank you for providing such a warm, safe, caring, educational and fun environment for Shya and Owen.

Love Sanghera Family


To All the Lovely Ladies Who Care for Ava,

I couldn't wish for a more wonderful group of women to love, care & teach Ava on a daily basis. You are amazing angels and we are blessed to have you in our lives.

Love Stephanie, Vince & Ava


To Everyone at APTG,

We are so grateful for the experiences you have provided to Sophie over the past few years, We are so fortunate that she was under your care while we were at work. You all do some of the most amazing work in this world! What you teach the little ones about this world, how to treat others and how they themselves deserve to be treated -we cannot thank you enough! It's been delightful to witness Sophie's excitement about APTG and her fondness for her second family. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Love Sophie, Julie & Patrick


Thank you for the great care you provided for Lucas! Though Lucas was sad and teary at times when we dropped him off in the morning -by the afternoon when I came to pick him up -he wouldn't want to leave!!! You are all wonderful at what you do -so warm, kind and caring, We will not forget you!

Take Care Lucas and Family


Thank you ladies for all that you do! I see how happy Owen is when he goes to daycare and it's all because of each and every one of you!

Dave, Joyce, Owen & Annabel


Dear all APTG teachers,

Thank you for all the special memories you made for Chase!

In just a year, see how many changes Chase has made. He was 99cm when he started, shy, spoke no English, could only draw lines on paper without any meaning, needed help for toileting, eating and changing. Now he is 107cm tall, greets friends as soon as they come into our home, sings songs, makes up stories when drawing, helps himself for everything. So many more improvements .... We appreciate everything you have done for Chase's growth very much!


Chase's family 


Thank you for making APTG an amazing place where children flourish. The joy our daugther exudes is a beautiful relection of the positive, caring-loving environment at APTG. 

Love Elizabeth, David and Abby 


Thank you for .... loving me, hugging me, teaching me

Being kind, supportive and FUN!

For holding my hand, keeping me safe, playing, reading, and singing to me! Helping me shine, learn and grow!

You are all someone I am lucky to know!

Love James and Eli

We are so grateful for all that you do to make A Place to Grow such a great, caring place to be! Thank you with all our hearts!

Love the Parlee Family



A Place to Grow Preschool Room, 

Thank you to everyone at A Place to Grow for Sam's time there. We joined in a panic after we lost his first place of care and were overwhelmed at the welcome from the team. 

Adora: Sam always loves your creative art projects. He constantly talk about all your latest artistic ventures!

Wendy: Every book in our house is authored by "Wendy Duncan" :) Sam always talks about your nature walks. 

Marina: Sam talks about the robot you guys built together and how you both go to visit Kelowna to see kangaroos.

Rammy: Sam loves the water play on those hot days and talks about how silly it is when you spray them with the hose. 

Claudia: Sam constantly reminds us that now you are the principal of his school. He's always excited on the days you are able to join them in the preschool room. 

Thanks to everyone else...

Lauren, Colin and Sam