Over 3 Program
3 years - 5 years
Our Over 3's program is a positive, spacious, age-appropriate environment that offers engaging and diverse activities that will provide your child with a variety of learning experiences in a creative atmosphere.  Emphasis is placed on developing self help skills, socialization and cooperating within a group setting.    

Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where every child can grow and develop to their full potential. Play is the main building block of our program. The toys and equipment allow for learning both through spontaneous and planned play. Play allows for open-ended exploration, developing skills, learning concepts, and learning from other children. The staff’s role is to encourage, guide, and provide opportunities for learning as well as modeling appropriate behaviours.


Here are a few of the learning areas set up in our Over 3's program:

  •       creative arts
  •    fine motor manipulative
  •    reading, cosy area
  •    large muscle play
  •    dramatic play
  •    sensory play                     


Children are encouraged to choose those areas that are of interest to them.  The learning centres promote a balance between individual and group play and between directed and free play.  View Over 3's Daily Schedule


Throughout the year A Place To Grow hosts a number of events where families are welcome to participate.  


          Number of staff:                                  3 full time & 1 part time

          Number of licensed spaces:               25

          Typical enrollment:                             Max. 25 children


To go on our wait list phone 604-585-5691 or e-mail kelly.mccarthy@fraserhealth.ca 


"Too often we give children the answers to remember rather than problems to solve"

~Roger Lewin~