At  A Place To Grow every child is a special child, recognized for his or her unique personality. We believe a child needs a nurturing, secure, comfortable and stimulating environment to grow. Through this stimulation a child will learn to love, to share, to trust, to co-operate and to develop physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially to their full potential.  Children are empowered to take risks while pursuing their intellectual endeavors. As active learners, children investigate and explore the world by using their senses as they work together with people and materials.

 At A Place To Grow we:
  • provide an enriched, healthy, comfortable, stimulating,  environment for children to develop the whole self.
  • provide opportunities for children to gain self confidence and to develop good self-esteem.
  • provide opportunities for children to learn respect for self, for others, for the environment and to learn the value of co-operation in work and play.
  • work together with parents to meet the needs of each child.
  • value our staff and respect their skills and commitment to their profession.

Photo of our APTG children with the Painted Lady Butterflies we grew             


We believe that children need opportunities to play, learn and construct knowledge in a safe and nurturing environment that encourages free exploration. In addition to providing personalized, individual care within a group setting A Place to Grow is committed to offering language-rich, pro-social learning environments where children acquire the skills, cues and language to be ready for school and life. Children will have the opportunity to play and learn in a variety of child-initiated and adult-initiated learning activities all specifically designed to meet the social, physical, intellectual, creative, cultural and emotional needs of each child. The evidence of the children's learning is documented throughout our program with photographs and learning stories on display.